Edition 2

Edition 2

Edition 2 Long-Shorts

Laser Tag Lair

3 brothers go to great lengths in order to save the family business. How many people will have to get vaporized before justice is served!

Warning: Contains some strong language.

Edition 2 Medium-Shorts

Behind Paleo Lines

For one man, getting out of San Francisco during the Vegan occupation of the city was priority number 1. But he’d quickly find out about the value of sticking with the devil you know.

Warning: Contains some strong language and graphic situations.

The Life & Death of Christofer Phitzgerald

Could a lonely, fat kid really grow up to lead an equally-as-crazed resistance against the Vegan uprising? Yes, yes he could. Would he succeed? No, but here’s his story anyway.

Warning: Contains strong language and violence.

Revised History 1: Overly Honest Abe

Everyone knows that Abraham Lincoln was honest, but did you also know that it was his honesty that was the cause of rifts in his marriage and ultimately his assassination?

Warning: This may not be an accurate representation of actual historical events or characters. But, who knows?

Revised History 2: Da Vinci’s Time Travel Legacy

Da Vinci! Time Travel! Oh my! Say no more.

Edition 2 Short-Shorts

Unfinished Business

What lengths would you go to in order to finish your business?
Warning: Contains some strong language and violence.